Binding Essentials

I have been working on binding a few different projects this week and thought I’d share my go-to binding supplies. These aren’t brand specific, just my must-have basics that I pull out whenever I have binding to finish.


My first essential binding supply is a supply case. A year ago, it hadn’t even crossed my mind to have a dedicated supply case for my binding supplies, but now it seems so obviously wonderful to have all of my binding supplies in one place! I made this supply case myself (the pattern is the Sew Posh Supply Case) and I love how everything is perfectly organized. When it’s time for me to work on a binding project, I grab it and know that I’ll have everything I need!


I love my binding supply case, but what exactly do I putΒ in my supply case? I really don’t have any super fancy supplies–just the basics. A needle with thread to match the binding, small scissors, a leather thimble, and some binding clips. The needle isn’t any particular kind. In fact, my husband’s grandmother gave me a bunch of her vintage sewing supplies (which included a HUGE selection of needles), so whenever I need a needle, I go grab one of those. I try to get one on the shorter side with a smallish eye because I’ve found that’s what works best for me.

Again, the thread is usually just a basic thread (I love that you can do quilting with simple supplies!). I will occasionally use a heavier weight thread if the quilt will be washed and used a lot, but I’ve found the stitches are also much more visible with thicker thread, so it’s a trade-off.

I’ve used a leather thimble for years and so far, it’s what works best for me. I like that the leather provides protection while still being flexible.


I always keep a few binding clips in my supply case and I don’t know how I ever did hand binding without them! They are so nice to keep the binding in place as you work your way around the edge of a quilt! I keep a few binding clips in my supply case, but also have a separate pouch for extras.


My last item isn’t necessarily a binding supply, but I have loved adding in these cute woven tags whenever I bind a project. Over the years, I have not been the greatest at labeling my quilts (if I’m being honest, I’ve actually been downright terrible at labeling!) and I knew that trend would continue unless I found an easy way to do it. These labels were the perfect solution for me! I sew them on by machine and then the stitches are hidden when I hand bind the binding onto the back of the quilt. They have been a fun finishing touch and totally make me feel more professional! πŸ˜‰


There you have it! My simple go-to binding supplies. I’d love to hear whatΒ yourΒ must-have binding supplies are! I enjoy learning how others quilt, so leave me a comment and let me know what you love to use and what I’m missing out on.


2 thoughts on “Binding Essentials

  1. I love your binding supply kit! πŸ’ŸMaking one is on my to do list! I love the bow you added to the front! My favorite thimble is the Clover Protect and Grip Thimble. It is a soft rubber with a mental tip and as a bonus it is pink! πŸ˜‰. I also need a pretty bag for my binding clips! Acottagequilter.gayle


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