Spooky Parade: Jack-O-Lantern Quilt Block Tutorial

pumpkin_quilt_block_tutorial_mainI’m back today with part two of the Spooky Parade block tutorials! For those of you just joining in, I am sharing a few Halloween themed 12″ x 12″ blocks in the weeks leading up to Halloween. They make great stand-alone mini quilts or pillow covers, or you can put the blocks together for a fun Halloween table runner. If you missed the first Spooky Parade block you can click HERE to find the Halloween Bats quilt block tutorial.

This time we’ll be making a jolly Jack-o-lantern. I love Halloween–but not the creepy, scary stuff–just the cute and fun side of Halloween. So I just had to make this Jack-o-lantern with an adorable smile.


The Jack-o-lantern block finishes at 12″ x 12″ (12.5″ x 12.5″ unfinished). Below you’ll find a block diagram, cutting instructions, and a photo tutorial. Happy sewing!

Spooky Parade: Jack-o-lantern

Jack-o-lantern block diagram:



Cutting instructions:

Pumpkin_Cutting Instructions_jpeg

1. We’ll be assemblying the smile first. Gather the K, L, and M pieces for the pumpkin body and (2) O pieces, P, Q, and R pieces for the mouth.


2. Draw a line corner-to-corner on the O and L squares and place according to the image below. Sew directly on the drawn lines.


3. Trim the excess corner 1/4″ away from sewn line. Press seams open.


4. Sew the M and Q pieces together to make the teeth.


5. Sew the entire bottom row together, pressing the seams away from the M/Q (teeth) pieces. Then sew that row to the top (K) piece. Press seam toward K piece.


6. Gather the H, I, J, and remaining (4) O pieces. Draw a line corner to corner on the O pieces and place according to image below. Sew directly on the drawn line. Also, sew the J pieces on the sides of the mouth and press toward the J pieces.


7. Trim the excess corners 1/4″ away from the seam and press seams open.


8. Sew the top row together to form the eyes. Press the seams open. Sew the eyes to the mouth. Press seam toward the mouth.


9. Sew the G piece to the top of pumpkin. Press the seam toward the G piece. Sew the N piece to the bottom of the pumpkin. Press toward the N piece.


10. Gather the D pieces. Draw a line corner-to-corner and place according to the image below. Sew directly on the drawn lines.


11. Trim the corners 1/4″ away from the sewn line and press the seams open.


12. Gather the remaining pieces. Sew B and F together to make the stem. Press the seam toward the stem. Sew the C pieces to the sides of the pumpkin. Press seams toward the C pieces.


13. Sew the top row together. Press seams away from the stem. Sew the top row to the pumpkin and press seams toward the top. Then sew the E piece to the bottom of the pumpkin. Press toward the E piece.


14. Your pumpkin is finished! It should measure 12.5″ x 12.5″.


Now you have a jolly Jack-o-lantern to add to your Spooky Parade! 🙂


Thanks for following along and stay tuned for the final Spooky Parade block tutorial–it will be coming soon! If you don’t want to miss the next blog post, you can enter your email address (up above on the right column if you’re on a computer, or at the bottom of the screen if you’re on a mobile device) and you’ll be notified by email when the next block is posted. 🙂

Update–for easy reference to the other Spooky Parade quilt block tutorials:

  • Click HERE for the Halloween Bat Quilt Block Tutorial
  • Click HERE for the Ghost Quilt Block Tutorial

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