Forest Gnome Quilt Block

Do any of you remember this fun Christmas Gnome FPP quilt pattern I shared last December? I turned my quilt block into a pillow and loved seeing it on my couch, but was so sad to store him away after Christmas.


I’ve had many requests for a gnome pattern that can be used year-round and the task has been on my to-do list since the beginning of the year. I finally had time to make it happen and I designed this cute little Forest Gnome quilt block.


The Forest Gnome quilt block finishes at 12″ x 12″ and is an intermediate to advanced foundation paper pieced pattern. He’s holding a cute little mushroom that is perfect for highlighting a red and white polka dot print.

You can find the Forest Gnome FPP Quilt Block PDF Pattern in my Etsy shop or Craftsy Shop.


As with all of my patterns, I designed the Forest Gnome quilt block in EQ8 ( When I purchased EQ7 (I later upgraded to EQ8), I didn’t even know that it had the capability of designing foundation paper pieced patterns! I bought it to be able to design traditionally pieced quilts and have professionally looking graphics for my patterns and tutorials.

I haven’t taken any Electric Quilt classes, but have learned it on my own and have been able to figure out pretty much anything I’d like to do by playing around or doing a quick search on their website. The more I use EQ8, the more I’m surprised at all the different capabilities it has. I’ve designed everything from traditional quilts to foundation paper pieced patterns to patterns with curved seams. I know there are so many more things EQ8 can do, so I’m looking forward to expanding my knowledge of it’s functionality as I continue to use it.

(The image below was created using EQ8)


I mention all of this because I get a lot of questions about how I design my patterns. I use additional software to edit the images and graphics and to actually write the pattern, but every pattern that I design starts off in EQ8. I’m hoping to share more info in the coming months on my design process and hope that it can be useful to some of you! If you have any specific questions about EQ8 or something you’ve been wondering, please let me know if the comments below and I will try to address it in a future post. 🙂

Happy sewing!

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