Hummingbird FPP Quilt Block

I want you to meet one of my latest foundation paper piecing patterns: the Hummingbird Quilt Block! I listed this pattern in my Craftsy and Etsy shops awhile ago, but never formally introduced it. 😉

The Hummingbird Quilt Block FPP Pattern is a fun block that has both 6″ x 6″ and 9″ x 9″ finished size options. The Hummingbird Quilt Block is an intermediate FPP pattern that would be perfect for the confident FPP quilter or for the beginner FPP quilter who wants to branch out and try something slightly more difficult.


As I created the pattern, I had originally colored the hummingbird in different shades of blue, with a gradient from light to dark. But after playing around with different fabric options in EQ8, I colored the hummingbird in this rainbow version with a low volume background and instantly knew that this was the color scheme I wanted to go with! Being able to visualize different fabric options is one of my favorite features of EQ8. It makes it so nice to see the different possibilities before committing precious fabric and time to a color scheme that might not look as great in real life as it did in your head (trust me, this has happened to me a lot!).


My friend Jackie (@rowermom3) made her own darling version of my Hummingbird FPP pattern. She kept the same rainbow color scheme, but turned her quilt block into the cover of a Booklet Pouch (Booklet Pouch pattern is from Aneela Hoey). I love her creativity in incorporating the quilt block into another project!


The Hummingbird Quilt Block FPP pattern can be found in my Craftsy shop HERE or in my Etsy shop HERE. I love to see other quilters’ creations, so if you make your own Hummingbird Quilt Block, please share it with me by tagging me on instagram (@centerstreetquilts) or using the hashtags #centerstreetquilts and #hummingbirdquiltblock on social media. Happy sewing!


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