Farmhouse Hearts Quilt Pattern

Meet my newest pattern: Farmhouse Hearts! I loved making my Farmhouse Christmas quilt (and seeing all of your versions, too!) and knew I needed to make a plaid hearts quilt asap.

farmhouse hearts quilt center street quilts

I combined plaid heart blocks with the classic Irish Chain block to make a fun Farmhouse plaid quilt that is sure to make your heart go pitter-patter. 🙂 The pattern is clearly written, has detailed diagrams, and makes good use of strip-piecing to help all those black and white patchwork pieces go together super fast!

farmhouse hearts quilt

If you’re looking for something with a little more color, the quilt looks just as great in other colors, too! Just substitute the black and gray for a dark and medium shade in any color and you’ll be on your way!

farmhouse hearts quilt_red

You can find the Farmhouse Hearts PDF quilt pattern in my Etsy shop HERE.

Happy Sewing!

5 thoughts on “Farmhouse Hearts Quilt Pattern

  1. I enjoy your quilts very much. Your talent and imagination are impressive and I enjoy seeing your work. Thank you for sharing them with all so as we all may appreciate the beautiful work that you do!


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