Riley Blake Stripes Blog Tour

We’ve all heard of making an “all solids” quilt, but what about a quilt with all stripes? I decided to take the challenge and use my favorite 1/2″ Riley Blake Stripes to create a fun and modern quilt!

Hexie Half Striped Triangles

I chose 1/2″ stripes in lime green, aqua, and gray and used the large size of the Hexie Half ruler by Lori Holt to cut half hexagons out of the striped fabric.


After arranging three hexagons into a triangle, I sewed them together. This triangle requires a Y-seam, but it really wasn’t too bad!


I cut out some white triangles the same size and arranged them in rows, alternating the striped triangles with the white triangles. The large aqua stripe made a fun backing and I chose the gray stripe in the smaller 1/8″ size for the binding.

Hexie Half Striped Triangles2

The repeating stripes make for a great graphic design and I love the modern, yet simple, vibe.

Hexie Half Striped Triangles3

While I absolutely love the stripes, I’m curious how the design would look in all solids. Hmmm. . . I might have to make that happen one of these days! πŸ˜‰

Hexie Half Striped Triangles4

Since the Riley Blake stripes come in a variety of sizes and colors, I’ve used them for all sorts of projects (and countless bindings!), but an all stripes quilt is a first for me! I loved the opportunity to think outside the box, stretch my creativity, and try something new.

Thanks for following along today and happy sewing!

13 thoughts on “Riley Blake Stripes Blog Tour

  1. Hi Kristina! What a gorgeous quilt! I just adores stripes of all sizes and widths, and this is really a unique spin on them. You almost lost me on the y-seam . . . but the cuteness overwhelms that small detail. Of course, your quilting choice is spot-on as well. Could this BE any cuter?! Thanks for sharing with us! I’m going to PIN for future reference. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Thank you so much for the sweet message, Roseanne! And don’t let those Y-seams discourage you! These half hexagon pieces are pretty big, so I think that helped smooth out any unevenness from that might have occurred. πŸ™‚


      1. Kristina, I love this quilt β€” your choice of RB stripes and the colors you chose! Despite Y seam, I am thinking of making it! Where can I buy your pattern? Thank you. Leah


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