Hi! My name isĀ Kristina and I’m the quilter behind Center Street Quilts. I first fell in love with quilting as a teenager when I pieced my very first quilt (a pinwheel pattern made with 30s reproduction prints). I’ve expanded my skill set a little since then and have found that I particularly enjoy writing patterns and free motion quilting.

A few non-quilt-related bits of info about me:

  • I’m tall–5’11” to be exact. It’s great for sports and reaching things on the top shelf. Not so great for finding pants that go past my ankles. šŸ˜‰
  • I’m a bit of a neat freak.
  • I love potatoes in any form: baked, mashed, french fries, tator tots. I just love them all.
  • When I’m not quilting, I love to travel, go on family hikes or bike rides, and take naps.

Thanks for joining me on my quilting adventures!

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